How to Succeed in College

What I understood from these articles was that many people don’t realize how much help there is in community college. Then afterwards they feel confused and alone if they don’t seek for help. Many people drop out because of the same reason. Tease articles have tips for students to follow. Those tips are really well explained, they explain from how to reach for help stop how to be successful in college. Being engaged, asking for help and having friends are some of the most effective tips

I can relate to this because without asking people what to do or what I can do I would be lost. Asking questions to people that know what they are doing and have experience is always good. I always ask for tips and how to do some things at times when it is necessary.


2 thoughts on “How to Succeed in College

  1. katiieex

    Its a really good idea to get out there and get help from experienced people. They would never turn you down and you can only get good out of it.

  2. katiieex

    Making friends and being engaged is a really good point that i think a lot of us ignore. Being alone is the worst at a new, bigger place so that would really help!


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