Sommer’s Article

I can apply some of the strategies from this article to revise my papers. when i revise my essays or writings, i mostly look at grammar errors, i don’t focus on what is more important. It is hard as an individual to revise my own writing, i usually ask someone to help me revise the errors i make. overall it was a good article that can be helpful if you apply some of the tips and strategies


One thought on “Sommer’s Article

  1. lailaghahghahi1

    Your response makes sense, but what were the strategies you found helpful? That’s good how you ask somebody to help revise your papers, sometimes I ask my older sister to help me with that too if I’m struggling. Lexical repetition only has to do with minor changes, and using the conceptual method can help you see the bigger picture and make more sense on your specific idea better.


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